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Crista Cullen is an accomplished athlete, achieving both Gold and Bronze medals in three Olympic appearances, culminating in 197 international caps and a three time World All-Star team member. She is also an avid conservationist supporting her Kenyan roots and a motivational speaker for youth groups, charitable causes and corporate organsiations. With recent recognition receiving a MBE, and achievement at the highest levels of her sporting career, Crista is now redirecting her efforts for dedicated growth and success toward her passions as an accomplished broadcaster and motivational speaker. She utilises these channels to help grow awareness and to motivate others concerning their abilities to overcome obstacles and achieve success while also driving efforts toward her conservation passions.

Many would not consider Crista’s early years traditional. Her childhood was spent in the wilderness of Kenya. These experiences helped her develop her love of nature and fighting spirit. During her early teens, she moved to the UK and attended Oakham School. In the early days at Oakham, Crista sought refuge in hockey from the stresses of adaptation to a boarding school life. It was during this time where she learned the game and discovered her passion for the sport. With her relentless approach and focus, Crista grew quickly and received her first cap for the Senior Woman’s England/Great Britain hockey team at the tender age of 17.

Hockey transitioned from a refuge to a long-term goal as she entered the international competitive arena. It was here where Crista made the commitment to achieve a medal in the Olympics. After achieving Bronze in London she opted to leave the game, only to get a call back from the coach inviting her to join the Rio preparations ten months before the Games. This proved a worthwhile decision in retrospect as she finally achieved Gold. Overall, Crista’s career taught her that life is about opportunities and taking calculated risks, as well as the fundamentals of being part of a World-class team. Finally, she learned how setting large aspirational goals, displaying limitless resilience; constantly striving for improvement and never accepting defeat are the key ingredients to success.

Along this hockey journey, Crista never lost touch with her roots in Africa and her love for wildlife and its sustainability. What she did gain, however, was a greater understanding for the need of mentors and guides that helped her along her journey as a world-class hockey player. These elements are now what guides Crista toward her next career goals. As a broadcaster she hopes to give back her vast experience and ultimately utilise her platform to help educate and support people on the value of the wildlife and creating sustainable projects on the ground. At the same time, she will continue to grow in her role as a motivator for youth and organisations alike, helping them plan their own journeys and understand what commitment entails, to make their dreams possible.

Her longterm vision is to initially work across an array of sporting platforms, given the opportunity to bring her energetic, probing, yet articulate nature to people’s TV screens worldwide.

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